Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Window at attention....

Note. I have not edited any of the text below(or in following posts), beyond removing some spaces.. All

content is the responsibility of the original authors. I do not know who wrote it nor do I really care. This is posted for interest. If you find yourself offended, consider you should get our more or that you should open your world view more. I may not like some of the words or agree with them, but I'd never remove anyone's right to say them.


4) Window at attention
Tense glass rigid in panes
Window breaks the will of the wind
The wind goes ow on the windows
Clowns in the wind
Clowns go ow in the wind
This is Windyclondy
Coming to you on the airwaves
Silent sound your antenna hears
Radio waves off the ionosphere on a calm night
The wind clones radiowaves and eats soundwaves
The wind radiates on several frequencies
And frustrated at not being understood
Monitoring the marconi windows
Tesla eating macaroni


5) Thirty-three centers at 29 cents apiece
The phenomena centers, chewy, visible by Hubble
The pneuma centers,
not visible in the Hubble, but perhaps in the bubbles
Check out the shells of the bubbles in the foam, and you'll see it
Pneumonia foam in the bubbling formats in the lungs
Tuberculosis, that eats away all the airsacs
Keep the sacs for your air races, Jace
Sacs of cancer to burst apart during the air races
What a bunch of practical jokers!

Sometimes I imagine I can hear the flicking of the hyperdense..

Note. I have not edited any of the text below(or in following posts), beyond removing some spaces.. All content is the responsibility of the original authors. I do not know who wrote it nor do I really care. This is posted for interest. If you find yourself offended, consider you should get our more or that you should open your world view more.  I may not like some of the words or agree with them, but I'd never remove anyone's right to say them. 


1) Sometimes I imagine I can hear the flicking of the hyperdense optical
chip analogues in my head. Nanetically crafted from generic biomass, a
trillion retinas blinking in my cerebellum, pink/black, pink/black. All
in a space the size of my thumbnail. They preprocess my impulses and
ideas, applying complex heuristics of thought and information, allowing
me to present a calm and comfortable image to the world.

2) I get a nosebleed at least once a day. They'll have that fixed in the
next release, I'm told. In the meantime, I should try not to think about
killing people so much.

3) "You ate my brother!"
"Well, he started it."
New Stories and comics Jan 2001  

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

me and feeling like death warmed over.

I've been pretty sick for the better part of a week and if you excuse the lame pun, bothering with anything interesting to eat, has been off the menu. Finally talking the docs today that coughing up yellow and with red is not the best colour, so got some antibiotics. Almost immediately started feeling better from the first dose. Not good, but better.
Enough to  miss Beth's Cafe. Yeah  I can make a pretty decent omelette but not with the crayons and music and crazybatshit people.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

national day of talking to thin air and friends and family

Rather than replying to someone directly this was a bit more fair..
How does one get a national day of prayer?   Can that prayer be offered to anyone? or is it only good for (ahem) certain people? "..adherents of all great religions could unite in prayer and that it may one day bring renewed respect for God to all the peoples of the world."(From- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_Day_of_Prayer) 
Problem being, not everyone believes in the same book, the same god, or in some cases, the same version of history.
That may sound argumentative, but is factual. So unless there is one filing system for one book/god and all the requests end up at one place ... Which also means it really doesn't matter beyond human egos thinking they have the 'right' answer to life, the universe and everything (42). Then I fail to see how this could be anything between another  fissure in the world of Christian (and the many names) who want to be the right one and everyone who doesn't say "I like that koolaide".
Easy guess for those who don't know. I may not believe in any god, but I don't think for a moment that any one person has all the answers.
 Looking for help from prayer is akin to washing your dog.. You can try over and over, but the doggy smell always remains.
Looking for answers. Unrelenting, and never trusting one single source is a much better way.
That said, if people get comfort from reading a book (sorry, this is a book you can't split up and take the nice bits up and leave the nasty bits out) where slavery is OK'd, your wife better not have done the nasty (ever). And if you support gay marriage or have gay friends? Well..... Let's be kind and say you just didn't know..
I know I know.. There's the "you're just picking out the nasty bits" crowd but honestly, I've got better things to do than talking to thin air, unless I know I am talking to myself.

Drugs and Humans


hrrm. You Can buy reasonably strong codeine/paracetamol  effervescent w/out prescription,  at Boots..   One would think the  chemical addictive properties of codeine is worse than less of so behavioural  than cannabis.
I'm not saying things should be legalized exactly, but not too long ago I  was able to dig up that illegal drugs account for just over 8% of the world's market.  And people ask why other people get involved. There's a shed ton  of £££. When you have none, and see people with a lot, it looks tempting. So when I see people who have enough, saying "why do people.." Go live on the street for a month

 When Portugal  kinda-sorta decriminalised  not quite legalised., but really put in place for legal swap/tests and made the threat, people seem to actually be going for treatment rather than punishment.
I know I have something of an uncommon viewpoint here and again, I don't quite have a free pass view point for heroin.  I've just known  too many humans over my years who have done things that have bee deemed to cause anything from insanity to full on demon possession. Until the general population read a few books.
I know  this is one of those "But its not this country.."  response topics.   See how well Prohibition worked in the US not more than 100 years ago? 

"On July 1, 2001, a nationwide law in Portugal
took effect that decriminalized all drugs,
including cocaine and heroin. Under the new legal
framework, all drugs were “decriminalized,” not

I've no power, no political swing, no sway, so all I do is try and keep op on stats, what happens on other places, what might work.  It I didn't, I wouldn't know someone had figured working on a potential cure (not a treatment) for the plague of this generation ( not Facebook or Angrybirds)  but AIDS/HIV. A very clever one in fact.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Small Differences

These days you can just about get from one side of the Earth to another  w/out too much jet lag. And yet the differences in cultures are there to be found even in 'cultured' societies.

Today, I was just about to sit down on the bus and it took off, with me in the process of getting my back wedged against the  stairs I'd just missed.  Sure if that had been filmed, it would have been hilarious. But that's not really the end.  The bus driver  glanced over (I think) and just kept on going. There were no inquiries of  "Are you OK?" from the people who I had just gone by. Nor panicked stops from the driver to consult the insurance papers in regards to falling passengers..  While I was a bit sore and grumbly for a few minutes, it went off.

The bus just went along as if nothing had happened... If that had happened in Seattle( or a lot of the US) somehow, I don't the bus would have kept on going smoothly..

Saw Apollo 18..  And simply to answer the  line of Why haven't we gone back??   because it would make an utterly shit film. 

Saturday, March 24, 2012


The PNW (Pacific NorthWest) has what? Access to fresh fish and a shed ton of land, but still has(had) some of the crappiest fish & chip places. Last place I went to had F&C with salmon. WTF!  Really don't understand that.  Dr Who, is there a  rip in the space time  continuum which means the PNW can't make decent F&C, ever?

Found a place that has (supposedly) gluten free fish and chips. Not sure how that works out when they still offer salt & vinegar as the normal topping. Damn find F&C though.  Almost predictably, the name of the place is called "Fintastic"


One of the best things available here is unbelievably ripe cheese. The sort of cheese you'd run miles.  I am pretty sure it smells like a corpse. As I have never been around one other than a dead dog once in my life, I can't say that for certain.
One of my guilty pleasures is to take a huge wedge of Brie and  slather it on top crusty French bread.  yeah.. you know Brie is good when it t goes into the holes of the bread and you get a faint whiff of ammonia. I think it's ammonia.

Speaking of cheese, I rented a few movies to try out a new player.   An older movie, The A-Team.  The Green Lantern. Tinker, Taylor, Soldier, Spy. Transformers: Dark Of the Moon.

Lets start with the bad. By bad I mean utter shit. The worst movie I've seen in years. Green Lantern.  When I fire up a movie and it is supposed to be an action flick, that is what I want. I don't want some moral thing with poor acting and a half assed story. I want a hero that kicks ass, takes names and gets the girl. I want a Super Hero.  I want a Villain that kicks ass that doesn't depend on some weedy guy who gets kicked around after a few minutes of  saying how strong humans are. Umm Humans? Strong WTF? Give me a break.  Humans would bow down and worship that Big scary faced villain in 3 seconds and be sheep.

The A-Team. It started of OK. Maybe I also had high hopes as I grew up with the team.  Grew up watching them kick ass but not actually kill any one.  Maybe the same sort of morality play bugs me here too. BA? Having a moral twist? WTF. The only person to have a play like that MIGHT be 'face'.  BA is not going to have a problem breaking someone's spine in half at any time. Doubly so with a person who still has Pain tattooed  on his knuckles. The 'twist' is painfully obvious. Maybe it has to be for the audience.  The fx were pretty lame and had no obvious weight.

Transformers: Dark Of the Moon. OK. If all you want is a crash bang and mindless flick with really good FX, this is really good. There is no real story line, and no pretense of morality of one behind a few cheesy lines that sound like they came out of some freebie page. You could happily put on music, forget the dialogue and just watch the screen. It really is that good. So long as you were able to edit out the humans.

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy. Brilliant. For the most part. Broken up with a few bits of unnecessary motion filming. Gary Oldman as George Smiley and Mark Strong as Jim Prideaux were awesome.  Colin Firth as Bill Hayden was a bit flat and it would have been more interesting to see more of Ann Smiley reacting to George's non reaction. As in, any.  But over all it is well worth watching.  Maybe not worth owning, but definitely worth watching.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Old Geek humor ftw.

Nothing like getting someone's open phone to keep beeping when they don't bother making their bluetooth enabled phone invisble.. Hope they have vibrate on too.    
people talking too loud on the other side of a cafe, I love you too because it makes it easier to  double check that it is 'you'..  Somehow,  I doubt that getting people to put in the numbers would be that hard either.
No idea who you all are nor do I care.  It is just interesting to see how people assume they are 'safe'.

Friday, March 16, 2012

far flung web corners of the globe

I know this has been talked about before.  The idea of far flung reaches of the globe seems almost irrelevant these days.  Either you can afford a flight, or you can watch a video related to that part of the globe.   Not so long ago,  it was an adventure to go 100 miles AWAY from people. Now  100 miles is  nothing more than a train or bus  trip. Last year,  I was ~4500 miles away from my own brother. now it is ~400 miles and about 4 hours via train. With all the assorted museums in London, minutes away by tube.

Up in Scotland one gets the midges, the rain and even some blue sky. The days of blue sky make all the grey ones vanish.

This is all getting off topic  which is simply that all it takes is a phone line, a web cam and a laptop and a person can be connected to their family wherever they happen to be.  Even a phone line is not strictly necessary these days so long as some cell coverage is present.  Getting off the 'grid' is a phrase I've heard a bit in the last year or two, and in a lot of ways it is very tempting. In the UK it seems reasonably impossible given the massive amount of cctv cameras present.  If you visit other countries, you hear comments about what might happen to you. 
The world just seems very box like to me. If you go out, someone is watching. If you go home, someone wants to know how things where. If you go out of that country's balloon, bad things will happen....
I just can't believe that people have changed in my life time. evolution isn't THAT.. Maybe it is just that both my bags were searched by TSA rather than just one of them. Maybe it is the stupid justifications given for needing hand guns. In the UK, there's the paranoia of knives. I don't know how but I no longer wake up feeling 'good'.  Maybe I just need to find a cave in some far flung part of the world. Sadly, it would probably be someone's private cave.